Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I'm just about certain that these are the coolest pants I've ever worn. And the craziest.

If you drool over Oonaballoona's makes as much as I do, then you'll probably recognize this pattern, Simplicity 4192. WRAP PANTS! I didn't even know they were a thing until I saw Oona's! I wanted to copy those suckers as soon as I saw 'em, and a month later I caved and bought the pattern. I would've never considered getting it if not for Oona's wonderful pair, because the envelope art looks sooooo...middle aged touristy? Not judging anyone who is middle aged, but that's not the look I want.
And then I found this wonderful pink and purple print at a thrift store and knew that my dream of blatantly copied pants would soon come to be. 6 yards for $3.50; that is called a WIN. And at my height I could totally make a maxi dress out of what's left.

The construction of these pants is super quick; there are only three pattern pieces and four or five seams! But I was soooo confused while trying to visualize how each seam would turn out in relation to the garment, probably because I had no clue what the hell the pants were supposed to look like when complete. And I couldn't find any complete-but-not-on-people's-bodies versions online! So I basted everything together to make sure I wasn't going to fuck shit up. Which I guess responsible sewists usually do anyway? Whatever :P
In case you were wondering, this is what they look like without me in them.
Since my all fabric I buy seems to fray like no one's business, I used French seams AGAIN. Wooo French seams for making me feel fancy!

I love these crazies. They're fun to wear and hella comfy! My sister called them "skirt pants" which I'll take as a compliment. They're so swishy and harem-ey-- what's not to love? They would be the perfect pants to complete an Avatar the Last Airbender outfit, dontcha think?

Oh, and it turns out that right as I was finishing these up, the Sewcialists announced Oonapalooza! Well I didn't really go into this project with the mindset of "how can I jazz this up on the fly" but more of an "THESE PANTS LOOKED FANTABULOUS ON OONA I WILL MAKE SOME AND THEY WILL BE FABULOUS ON ME DAMMIT" Extreme determination is very Oona though, right?

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  1. YOU CUTIE!!! and you even have the fuchsia dipped locks i long for!!