Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall Planning

 I went to Hancock Fabrics for the first time in forever last weekend, and I actually think I did pretty well in the self-control least I have an idea of what I want to make with most of what I bought, which is better than just buying for the stash, right? Right! 
I'm writing this post in the hopes that it'll motivate me to actually sew up everything I'm planning! Not sure if this tactic will work but there's no harm trying!
First up in Butterick 6054, a wrap dress, in a super soft turquoise knit. It's for my sister, who I said I'd make a dress for a really long time ago and have not thus far actually done. I've never made a wrap dress before so I'm a bit nervous about the dreaded neckline gape, especially because the Vneck looks like it's supposed to be deep anyway...
 Ok, I'm not gonna lie: I saw this coating at a super discount and couldn't resist. Then I had to go back and find a coat pattern haha At least I already had the lining! I cannot wait to turn these materials into a super girls coat, hopefully something like this one! I've never made a coat before so fingers crossed!
 Sidenote: I love the black haired girl's hipster glasses. This pattern calls for challis/crepe, but I think it'd look cute in a stiffer fabric like this. I'm not actually sure what it is, besides polyester. I found it in this "Flat Folds" bin, which is apparently a thing now at reminds me of the bins at mall stores full of $1 panties xD
 This dress has me sososos excited, I honestly want to skip all my obligatory sewing and make it, even though it's probably the most impractical of my planned projects. But that shimmery fabric! Be still my heart! And you can't tell too well from the photo, but the bodice has such pretty pleats! I need a wedding or other type of shmancy occasion so I have an excuse to make this dress NOW
And finally...this sweater knit is straight-up Slytherin colors, and because of that, I needed it. I don't have a specific plan for it; I'm thinking something in the sweater/sweater dress area. A lady in back of me in line at the cutting table asked what I was going to make, saying it'd make a good scarf. I told her I wasn't sure what I'd make, I just loved the colors because they're Slytherin-esque, and the lady was like "Oh, for a Halloween costume!" ...I didn't want to earn a weird look by saying no, not for a costume, for everyday wear, so I kept quiet...

So that's it, all my fall sewing plans sofar! Hopefully I'll stick to it!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kimon-ohmygosh I finally used that awesome fabric and didn't screw it up hells yes!

Cheese and crackers, I feel like I haven't done ANY sewing lately! I transferred schools this semester so now I'm in STL fulltime. It's taking getting used to, and I'm getting back into the swing of things for school, so that's my excuse. BUT I have my own room at school and it's hugeee (compared to most dorms anyway)
And it has enough room to fit in a sewing table!! I am way too excited about this fact because this is the first time in my sewing machine owning life that my little Brother gets to stay out fulltime and doesn't have to share space with my school stuff on my desk! Woot!
I christened my new sewing space by making a kimono as per By Hand London's tutorial. I used the lacy knit fabric I bought in Costa Rica at the end of freshman year and lemme tell you: I was absolutely terrified of cutting into it and fucking it up, but I managed to not do that, so score one for me ;) I think going with a super simple design was a good choice because a) there wasn't much to mess up, just 2 seams and b) it lets the awesome fabric shine.

 I've seen so much on blogs lately about taking nice photos and editing, and here I am with my crappy camera and nonexistent editing. Wellll to be fair Tumblr told me I could download an old version of Photoshop as freeware and I'm trying to get in on that sweet action but I need to put in my computer's serial number for it and the program keeps telling me that the number I put in isn't right. And I'm like, dude, I opened up the command program and gave it the command to find out the serial number and it gave me this number and I don't think my computer would lie about its identity so let me have freeware. But so far my pleas have gone unanswered. So the blog gets crappy unedited photos in the meantime.

Of course now that I've sewn this cute, super light kimono, Missouri might be going into premature winter. Yesterday morning was in the low 40s, and it sucked. But it's kind of warm out right now so I may get to wear this piece a few times before the cold decides to settle in for good.

Coolest fabric evah