Monday, May 5, 2014

I Never Thought I'd Be In This Kinda Situation

 I feel so honored right now. Do you know Annette Tirette? She is awesome, makes wonderful clothes, makes her own GIFS, and on April 1 she posted a post in which she named ME as a giveaway winner. 
I need to pause the story here to explain that I love the online sewing community; even though I sew very sporadically and off-and-on, I read sewing blogs pretty much every day. I don't care at all that most of you guys are older and wiser than I (I don't mean any offense in this at all; I'm just saying that I'm in a different stage of life than most of the bloggers I follow) because you make the most amazing things evah.Not only that, but you seem like awesome individuals too. And another thing I love about the sewing community is how much you love giveaways! I've entered so many, even though I'm hesitant to comment on all those official blogs--me? Little old me communicating with you sewing deities?? Intimidating!
So entering blog giveaways; I've done that before. But WINNING one?? No way!! When I emailed Anneke, I even mentioned how I wanted to make sure that this happenstance wasn't an Arpil Fool's joke. Do they have April Fools Day in Belgium? Idk.
But it wasn't a fluke! I won something! And seriously, it made my whole week. I was so damn excited!! I knew that shipping from Belgium to Iowa would take a while, but when I returned to school to start Mayterm, that wonderful little package slip was in my mailbox :) Behold:

 3 meters :) I couldn't really see the red stripes in the blog post, and it kind of reminds me of my high school plaid uniform skirt, which is made up of these colors. This scared me for a second, but  the difference is that this fabric actually makes the color combo look nice, so I'm not worried.
When I saw that I won, I immediately thought of making it into a Colette Hazel, but now I'm feeling the totally irrational need to make it into a romper. I've haven't worn a romper since I stopped wearing diapers, so I think it'd be pretty dumb of me to test the trend out on super special Annette Tirette fabric. What to do, what to do...

Oh, and not only did Anneke send me the fabric, but also a handwritten not with a Flight of the Conchords sketch (reinforcing my suspicion that this lady is amazing) and some BELGIUM CHOCOLATE. Best. Day. EVER.