Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Dad Made Me a Box!

Don't you love getting new things to aid you in your hobbling? I sure do!
And for once I got something to HOLD my sewing gear instead of adding to the pile!
AND it was a Christmas present!
And my dad MADE it!
 One night in mid-December, I was holding my sewing box when the bottom fell out of it. 
It looked like something from out of a carton--the bottom just fell, followed closely by my sewing tools.
But it's cool because now I have this lovely to keep all my thread neatly stored in!
(The rest of my tools are still chilling in a Maurices shoebox)
My dad's awesome, y'all. He even put my initial on the front!
And varnished it all glossy!
And it kind of reeks of varnish but I'm okay with that :D 
Because now I have a wooden briefcase-y box for all my thread needs!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

When Sewing and Zelda Collide

Three cheers for me for finishing a Christmas present finally!
Let's just overlook the fact that I still have about 4 more to make, because I warned everyone
that they might end up being Easter presents
 Numero Uno is a jacket AI made for my boyfriend. I finished it at the beginning of last week.
Can you tell it's supposed to look like Link's outfit? I'm not into Zelda but boyfriend very much is.
No pattern for this one! I just traced one of boyfriend's jackets that I have custody of.
The hood ended up tiny though so I recut one making it just about as big as my fabric scrap would allow because what use is a defunct hood for an adventurer like Link??
what if you get caught in a rainstorm 
or have to conceal your identity
or have a bad hair day?
I made a stencil from wax paper and fabric painted the TriForce logo onto the back and it 
 Sadly I don't have any good pictures of the hoodie on its owner, but I took plenty before I gifted it ;D
Don't the sleeves look really badly proportioned and thick? I was so scared it wouldn't fit.
I was so concerned I made boyfriend try it on with his eyes closed when it was half constructed
Thankfully it fit
He asked if it was a poncho

In other news I don'[t know where my camera is; I probably left it at home, 5 hours southbound.
So pics here are from my dumb phone (opposite of a smartphone)
I'm determined to borrow a camera from either my school's Art or Comm Arts department
I think I pay this place enough to be able to borrow a camera