Saturday, December 21, 2013

Evergreen Skirt

I used Nette's Scallop Button Up Skirt Pattern. Learned that I am very
inconsistent when I try to sew scallops; some look slightly curved, and a lot just look pointy :P
  I'm really happy with how the piping looks! And how huge the pockets are!

  The process threw me off--hem first?! what?! but it was nice at the end when I realized I didn't have to hem it cause it was already doneeee :D


 I didn't have enough solid green for the whole thing, so I used quilting cotton for the hem facing and the inside part of the pocket.
 Also, I didn't want to topstitch, so I used a catchstitch to secure the waistband down, the button facings, and the hem facings. It was a lot of hand sewing, but I made it through half of Season 2 of New Girl that night, so that made it bearable. Sidenote: I didn't know Season 2 was on Netflix!! It was such a nice surprise!

Coach Tour Dress in Knockoff

This is basically what it comes down to

      Hey world: I made a knockoff Modcloth dress! Eeeeee, I'm so proud of myself! My dream wardrobe is pretty much comprised of Modcloth apparel, and now I have a dress that looks like theirs but I made it! And I saved money! And I madeeeee it! And it actually looks like the dress I was modeling it after!!!!

     I realized a  while ago that a ton of dresses I love from Modcloth  are pretty basic shapes; they just have lots of cute details that make them look so amazing. I looked up the details on their Coach Tour Dress and it didn't seem too complex. I found the blue double knit on and was initially nervous since I'd never sewn with double knit before. The description said it was good for cheer uniforms and choir robes and I was like ehhhhhh maybe not, but I decided to risk it and it worked great. Easy to sew and I don't need a zipper!

And the buttons! I love the little Celtcic knot heart buttons! That's what I love about making my own version of the dress-- I had a basic shape to work off of but got to change it up however I wanted.

I used Simplicity 2145 as a base, but made lots of changes. I made a waistband and the little button tabs, and changed the pleats to gathers in the center. I left off the underbust gathers from the original dress-- I hate boob gathers!!I think they look awkward :P

     I used the bodice for the cowl neck view, because I figured the triangular collar kind of equated to shawl collar. Turns out it's not really; the fit was all loose up top. While trying it on I noticed it actually looked better backwards, so I cut out a 2nd back piece, a little wider, and used it for the front. Whatever works!

the buttons seriously might be my favorite part
  I completely winged it on the collar; I just cut a tube of fabric with the circumference of the neck hole and sewed it on, the put the dress on and dress on where I wanted to cut it. I'm completely surprised it worked out as smoothly as it did; I thought I was going to have to spend a ton of time figuring out how to shape it, but I managed to get it the right shape on the first try!
I've never really been into cowl necks, but the dress looked so cute, I figured I'd try this shawl cowl neck-ey thing and see. I think I can pull it off-- I feel sort of like a Boyscout wearing a neckerchief though.
check out that asymmetry ;)
finished all those raw edges with lace. BY HAND AWYEAH!

 All in all, I'm just really happy that I was able to see something I liked and replicate it. It makes me feel so proud and skilled, like, I was able to do that, on my own. Wowza :D

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Taffy that Almost Wasn't

     So I started this Taffy last year, around September or Octoberish I think. I tried to make bias tape out of the main fabric, and since I was new to making bias tape and the fabric is so light and drapey, it worked out pretty terribly. Then I finished the neckline and one of the sleeves with the bias tape, and that ended up a mess. So I got frustrates and threw the blouse back in with all my fabric.

     Then two nights before I went home for Christmas break I felt the need to sew, but knew it wouldn't be a smart idea to start a whole new project, because I'd have to pack up all the little pieces and take it home.

     So over a year after I started it, I ripped all the crappily applied bias tape, reapplied it, finished the other sleeve, and hemmed the sucker.
      I wasn't sure how I felt about the sleeves at first, but I think I like how huge and fluttery they are now. I really like the fabric too-- I got it at the thrift store across the street from campus, so I'm sure it was less than $5. It's so silky smooth with a stripey design.

 I used the Taffy blouse pattern from the Colette Sewing Handbook. It's been forever since I started the project so I'm not completely sure, but I think the only change I made to the pattern was to take out the darts. I also left off the back ties. It's a pretty loose but still flattering fit. No closures necessary!
 This is the first pattern I used French seams on. They're so neat and finished looking!
The sleeves look so pretty!!!